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Can Propecia Be Used For Men Who Want An Active Way To Control Their Libido?

Millions of men have balding problems or thinning hair problems. Turning to a medication like Propecia seems like a good option. Yes, there are other options out there where claims of hair regrowth are made. Most of these options don’t work and men can spend a lot of money to find this out the hard way. Propecia is effective and has been proven to work. There’s one other thing it seems to do that a lot of men don’t count on. It lowers sex drive and it seems to do it fairly well.

This isn’t the first time a side effect to a drug has been seen as good and bad at the same time. Viagra was originally created to be used as a drug to help with heart problems. Men who tested it found that they would get erections, which was sometimes embarrassing depending on where they were. So depending on the situation it was a good thing or a bad thing. Decreased sexual drive can be thought of in the same way. Some men will see it as good while others will see it as bad.

Men who have active sex lives and don’t want to risk them will certain be at risk of they use Viagra. They will have to take steps in order to control the problem if it indeed happens to them. But here’s the real benefit. Men who struggle to control their sex drives might want to consider using the medication. These could be men who struggle with problems such as chronic masturbation, being easy to get sexually excited or being sexually turned on to the point of not being able to focus throughout the day.

There are countless guys who struggle with this and because of this problem life becomes a struggle for them. Maybe Propecia can be used in order to get the sex drive under control to the point where it’s not a detriment anymore. The only issue some people will have with this is that if the drug is meant to be used to help regrow hair, then should it be used for something else? And what about other side effects that a man might not want to risk experiencing just to decrease their libido?

Yes, Propecia should be mainly used for its intended purpose. But the side effect of decreased sex drive a lot of men experience can be good and bad. The main thing men need to keep in mind is that if they do struggle with some sort of sexual dysfunction, then they would not want to use Propecia if they can avoid it.

Understand that side effects of certain drugs being seen as good in some cases is nothing new, and in the future there will probably be other drugs where unintended uses are discovered. It just depends on the risk versus benefit. Decreased sex drive can be a killer for some, but a godsend for others.

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