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Buspirone vs Xanax

For the person that suffers from anxiety of any form they know how crippling it can be. The reason why it’s so crippling is because it hurts a person in different ways and this has an impact on their life. Let’s examine this a little bit in order to create more understanding:

  • Anxiety creates the notion that a certain worry or fear is significantly worse than what it really is. What does this lead to? It leads to a person acting in a very erratic way. It leads to a person taking measures that someone observing would deem as over the top. It leads a person to believe that they don’t have the ability to overcome the things that create fear and worry in them and as a result anxiety ends up taking over their lives.
  • Anxiety leads a person to have a hard time trusting people. Trust is all about making yourself vulnerable to another person in some kind of way. It doesn’t take much for this trust to be shattered. The problem for those who suffer from anxiety is that they will tend to look for reasons to reinforce their natural resistance to trusting. When they don’t find one they may go out of their way to create one and force it on the people around them.
  • Anxiety can have a person in a constant state of doubt. This state of doubt is a very powerful and debilitating thing, because it hinders a person’s ability to move forward. It becomes hard to do even little things that would see a person making progress and growing. Anxiety creates this doubt in a way where it seems like no matter what a person does they just can’t put out the fire, and as a result the fire consumes them.

People don’t have to allow anxiety to rule their lives, but there are very few natural treatments for it that work as well as someone might need them to. So the answer for most is to turn to prescription medications, mainly anti-anxiety medications. These can be problematic by themselves if not used right, but most of the time they do offer help.

Two of the primary anti-anxiety medications on the market are Buspirone and Xanax. Right away most people are going to recognize Xanax because its name is very popular and it’s usually thrown around in pop culture a lot. In any case, Buspirone is less known, but still just as effective as Xanax is. Although these drugs are the same both of them don’t work the same.

Xanax works in a way where it is able to calm a person’s body by linking with the GABA receptors. A person feels relaxed and looser and this leads to more controlled breathing, a slower heart rate, less racing thoughts and sweats. Buspirone is able to act on a person’s serotonin receptors. It provides similar relaxation, but not to the degree of Xanax.

Buspirone also has one major advantage over Xanax in that it’s not nearly as addictive and as mentioned before it doesn’t create as much of a sedation effect.

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