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Buspar vs. Lexapro

buspar-vs-lexaproWhen a person suffers from anxiety the condition can range from minor to extreme. In any case the condition makes it very tough to live a normal life, because it effects a person’s ability to think properly. When they can’t think properly then this is going to affect their ability to make good choices. In a lot of cases a person will try to avoid any and all situations that cause anxiety. The problem with this is that it can lead to a person living a very lonely and isolated life.

A person suffering from depression is always in a state of low level thinking where they project low energy thoughts onto the world and others around them. It’s a constant state of being down on yourself and life. Such a person might feel like there’s nothing to look forward to or that they have little to no value. This leads to thoughts of a self-destructive nature. Anyone who suffers from bad anxiety of depression needs to get help and one form of it would be through the use of medications such as Buspar vs Lexapro.

Both of these drugs are designed to have a similar effect, but the main question we have to look at is whether or not one of them works better than the other? What we want to do now is give you a brief summary of each drug.


Buspar is a medicational treatment that doctors will prescribe to people who suffer from bad forms of anxiety. It’s a part of a group of anti-anxiety drugs known as anxiolytics, but it doesn’t seem to work the same as other drugs in this category.


Lexapro (escitalopram oxalate) is an antidepressant medication that used in order to help people who suffer from depression or anxiety disorders. It’s a part of a class of drugs called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. These drugs work by helping to lower the amount of serotonin (a mood controlling chemical) inside the brain.

Which one of these medications are going to work better for you?

In order to understand which one of these is better, you would first need to get first hand insight from someone who has a history with these medications. Now you can go about this any number of ways.

Your first option would be to speak with a doctor who specializes in treating people with mood disorders. The reason why this is so preferred is because they’ll be accustomed to giving out different types of medication of a certain type. Not only this, but even medications they don’t prescribe they’ll have a strong degree of knowledge about. Such specialist are a benefit as well as far as taking advice from you (meaning you can ask them about these drugs without fear of coming off the wrong way).

Your second option would be to try to find other people who have used either of these medications and ask them about their experiences. Now this can work well, but you have to be careful. Understand that not everyone’s experience is going to be the same. What you would want to look for is a common theme and then research for yourself just how common it is.

In any case, Buspar and Lexapro are good options. You just need to make sure you know the proper avenues to go through in order to get more detailed answers to specific questions you might have.

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