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Buspar vs. Cymbalta

buspar-vs-cymbaltaIf you’re a person who suffers from anxiety or depression, then you know how powerful either of these conditions can become. On some days you might be able to manage the feelings you have or the symptoms, but on other days you’ll feel like hiding under the covers and not coming out. If you don’t take active steps in order to get these feelings/symptoms under control, then you’ll end up giving into them. You’ll do things to hurt your life in different areas as well as have a negative effect on the people around you.

In order to avoid this it’s important for you to take a good look at what medicational options exist for you. Sure, there are other ways to attack these problems but for some people their condition is so severe they must get help right away just to function. This is where medications such as Buspar vs Cymbalta come in. Both of these are very effective medications and can work well for any person who uses them, but the main question that needs to be answered is whether or not one is better.

Before we get into this here’s a brief summary of what both of these medications are?


Buspar is a medication that’s given out in order to treat anxiety problems. It’s a part of a group of medications known as anxiolytics, but they don’t operate the same as drugs belonging to this class typically do.


Cymbalta is what’s called a selective serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor antidepressant. The drug affects different chemicals inside the brain that might be unbalanced and as a result are causing you to feel depressed.

Which one of these medications is better than the other?

In order for you to have an idea of which one of these is going to work well for you, first you have to have an idea whether or not your condition is bad enough to warrant use of either of these or medicational treatment at all. The best way for you to know this is to take an honest look at yourself and think about the following:

four_dot_bullet_red How well are you able to control yourself in situations where you know anxiety is going to be an issue? Do you give into the anxiety and practice avoidance behaviors or are you able to attack what makes you feel anxious aggressively?

four_dot_bullet_red When you feel depressed is it something that’s temporary, meaning you know in time it will go away and you’ll be back to being your old self? Do you let depression effect you to the point of bringing down the mood of everyone around you on top of rejecting their attempts at making you feel better?

four_dot_bullet_red Does your anxiety and depression problems cause you to have thoughts you knew if you ever shared with anyone you’d be looked at differently? These can be thoughts of suicide or even thoughts of causing harm to someone else.

Buspar or Cymbalta will help out a serious anxiety of depression problem, but you have to make sure you know that your problem is serious on top of knowing which one is going to cause you the least problems (side effects, negative drug interactions).

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