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Is The Breast Cancer Fighting Effects Of Nolvadex Only Effective With Women?

Nolvadex is a medication that’s mainly used in order to help women who have breast cancer. The question is whether or not the drug can work to fight breast cancer in men also. Well in order to understand this first something has to be made clear. Breast cancer isn’t a condition that only affects women. It’s just that women as a whole have a higher chance of getting it. Estrogen production is linked to this as well. So there might be certain men who have a higher chance of getting it. Here are some specific cases:

Men who use for whatever reason create estrogen and not enough testosterone. When this happens a man has a higher chance of developing what are referred to as man breasts. This can happen with men who work out for a while and use certain steroids to help them along the way. Once these drugs are stopped then a man might have a harder time creating enough testosterone as he needs to be creating. Thus the chance of getting breast cancer increases.

Men who are older. For the same reason a

s mentioned above men who are older tend to create less testosterone. Because of this they tend to have higher levels of estrogen in the body then what they need. So they develop man breasts and this increases the risk of getting conditions associated with having breasts. Nolvadex is able to fight breast cancer in both men and women because it will work the same way in men and will.

Men who are over dependent on testosterone treatments. These are men who might have used testosterone replacement therapies because their bodies weren’t creating enough of the hormone on its own. Now they find that the body struggles even more to create the hormone and this leads to the development of man breasts. If it doesn’t happen right away then the risk is still pretty high it can happen in the future.

Nolvadex can be used to help men as well as women. It’s just in some cases the drug might not be as well suited for a man as it is a women. In order to know this a man will have to have access to a doctor who can properly access his condition. There might be cases where he has to undergo other forms of treatment depending on how serious his problem is. In most cases where the drug can be used safely and effectively though to help a man with breast cancer, then it will be.

One thing men can do in order to lessen their chances of developing breast cancer or increasing their risk is to avoid manipulating their testosterone levels. If they do then this should be done in a natural fashion. Things such as certain steroids and testosterone replacement therapies can be problematic if they are overused. A man’s body will come to produce less of the hormone on its own and estrogen levels will be higher.

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