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Bisoprolol vs. Clonidine

bisoprolol-vs-clonidineHigh blood pressure is a condition that if not treated properly can lead to an increased risk of different problems, with heart attack and stroke being the main ones. There are all sorts of medications out there that offer to help. Bisoprolol and Clonidine are two of them. Here’s a quick look at what both of these medications can do.


Bisoprolol is a medication that can either be used by itself or alongside other treatments in order to help high blood pressure. It belongs to a group of drugs called beta blockers. It works by helping blood vessels relax and it also slows down the rate of a person’s heart. This helps to lower blood pressure.


Clonidine is a drug that can be used alone or with other drugs in order to assist people who suffer from high blood pressure (hypertension). It’s a part of a group of drugs called antihypertensive. It’s able to work on the brain in order to alter some of the different nerve impulses.

Both of these medications are known to be quite effective at what they do, but we have to take a closer look at them in order to get a feel for which one might have a slight edge over the other. Here are two primary things we looked at.

Which one of these medications is going to work better for you?

This is always a tricky thing to look at, because there’s no real telling if one is going to work better for you than the other. What a doctor can do is take a look at your high blood pressure condition and determine what treatments you’ve taken in the past. There might be a possibility you responded to similar treatments well before. If this is the case, then out of these two you’d be given the one similar to what you used before seeing as how you responded to it well.

How easy or how hard is it going to be to get a doctor to prescribe you one of these?

Both Bisoprolol and Clonidine are high on doctors list of medications their willing to prescribe to patients who need treatment for high blood pressure. However, some doctors aren’t willing to give either of them out because they don’t know enough about them. These are doctors who are comfortable giving out high blood pressure drugs their very familiar with and have a history with. In some cases in order to get either one of these you might have to go to a different doctor.

So is there any real difference?

Bisoprolol and Clonidine work pretty well, but the main difference we found is that more people had experience using medications similar to one or the other. Because of this they chose (when given the choice) to go with the drug treatment option that was similar to what they used in the past. This isn’t a bad thing, because going with the alternative in this case might pose an increased risk for a patient.

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