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Benemid vs. Colcrys

Benemid-vs-colcrysBenemid is a medication that’s able to help a persons body pass uric acid out by means of the urine. This helps to decrease the amount of uric acid in the body. Benemid is mainly used to help treat gout as well as gouty arthritis. In addition to this it can also be used with penicillin antibiotics in order to make them work better.

Colcrys is a medication that’s able to effect the way your body will respond to uric acid crystals. This is going to help reduce the level of pain and swelling. The medication can be used in order to not only prevent attacks of gout, but also to help treat symptoms of Behcets syndrome (like swelling, redness, warmth and pain).

What’s the main use that each of these should be compared by?

You’ll find that the only way you can get either of these medications is by means of prescription. So the main thing we have to focus on here is the core use of each. Both are designed to help treat gout and gouty arthritis. So this is what we’re going to focus on.

Reasons to choose one over the other for help with gout problems

Both of these medications work pretty well. If either of them were to really work better at what they do, then doctors would prescribe that medication more than the other. The only way this wouldn’t be the case is if someone was allergic to the active ingredient in one over the other. Another case would be if a person for some reason had a negative drug interaction with one over the other. The one that didn’t cause such a drug interaction would be preferred or something else might be preferred altogether.

If you wanted a good reason to choose Benemid over Colcrys, then the main one would be that far fewer people report any side effects with it. Now this wouldn’t matter if the drug didn’t work well. But the fact that there are far fewer reports of side effects with Benemid is a big plus. Not only this, but this drug has been on the market for a long time and is well tested. This means the same size of people who have used it is probably pretty large, which makes the low side effect aspect even stronger.

It works pretty well and you’ll find it doesn’t cost that much money to get. Doctors seem to be much more comfortable prescribing it over other options.

So which option is the better one?

Colcrys seems to work just as well as Benemid, but the main selling point for Benemid is that more people trust using it. The only way Colcrys might be better is if a person has already tried the other option and found it didn’t work for them. In this case trying the other option might offer a better result. If we’re going purely based off of what others have said though, Benemid seems to offer the best benefit with minimal risks. It’s because of this we would have to give it a slight edge.

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