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Benadryl vs. Anafranil

benadryl-vs-anafranil2People don’t get the opportunity to test out certain medications the way they would be able to test out other items they might purchase from the store. If you need medicatins such as Benadryl or Anafranil, then the main question you might have is which one of them is better than the other. Well in order to know this we have to focus on why either one of them would be better. Here are some examples:

four_dot_bullet_red One is more tested, which means it had more time, energy and money invested into it in order to make sure it works the way it’s supposed to work. Of course in order to offset some of the costs the price would have to be higher. Think of it as purchasing brand name migraine pills from the store versus purchasing a cheap one dollar bottle. Which one do you believe has more backing and is more formulated to have an effect?

four_dot_bullet_red One comes with less chances of side effects. When you take medications one thing that will hinder you wanting to take them is side effects. Side effects can range from minor to severe. If a side effect is too severe, then you run the chance of having it offset any benefit you might get otherwise from using the drug. So less side effects is a good thing.

four_dot_bullet_red One doesn’t require you to make any drastic changes to your lifestyle in order to take it. Some people have habits and these habits are hard to break. So if a given prescription medication forces you to have to make lifestyle changes, then it won’t work for you. The reason for this is because you’ll have a hard time staying consistent with it’s use and therefore won’t get the full effect.

If you need Benadryl or Anafranil, then it’s important to understand which one works better. One way to do this is to have a basic understanding of what each one is. So here’s the basic description of both.


Benadryl is an antihistamine. The main active ingredient is Diphenhydramine and it blocks the effects of histamine in the body. The main purpose of it is to treat sneezing, runny nose, itching, watery eyes, rashes and any other allergy symptoms or cold symptoms.


The main active ingredient in Anafranil is Clomipramine and it’s a tricyclic antidepressant. It’s able to impact chemicals in the brain that are unbalanced. It’s main purpose is to treat symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder, which is recurrent thoughts and feelings or repetitive actions.

These two medications seem to have different purposes and either one could serve a person who suffers from certain conditions effectively. Benadryl will work well for those who want to fight allergy problems and Anafranil will work well for those who want to combat OCD and other psychotic disorders. You need to make sure that there isn’t an alternative though that would serve you better. Each of these has alternatives.

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