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Ambien vs. Lunesta

ambien-vs-lunestaIf you suffer from serious sleeping problems then you are aware that there are a lot of options out there to help you cope. Two of the biggest options would include Ambien and lunesta. These two drugs are very effective, but for people on the fence about which one they should use they do not know if one is better than the other. I have done some simple research and found some points that might push people in the direction of one or the other.

With Ambien you will have more options to save money then with Lunesta

One of the biggest things people look for who decide to use any type of prescription drug is the ability to save money. It does not matter if it is now or if it is down the line. If this is you, then Ambien might be the option for you. As you all know, generic forms of this drug will be less expensive. Some people will want to utilize this option. Ambien comes in both brand name form and generic form. So you can pick which option would be the most affordable to you at the moment.

Lunesta is going to be more expensive because of fewer options concerning generics

People who have decided that Lunesta is the better option will have to get accustomed to paying premium prices for the drug. The reason for this is because unlike Ambien there are currently no generics available for Lunesta. This means if you should decide that you want to use a less expensive brand down the line you will not be able to. Also, if you are depending on insurance you will not be able to save money by buying a generic, which of course could help you get a higher quantity as well.

Ambien comes with lesser strength options then Lunesta

When you decide to use either Ambien or Lunesta, you will want to have the option of different strengths. You want this because at some point you might develop a tolerance to one strength you might decide to take when you are first starting out. With Ambien, you are only going to have two options concerning the strength. So should you need a higher one other then what is available you will be hard pressed.

Lunesta tablets come with more strength options then Ambien does

Lunesta is going to win the battle concerning choice if you are looking for an option that has more choices regarding strength. Currently, Lunesta comes with three different strengths, which is one more than its competition. Hopefully you never have to use all three of them and you can get the help you need from the first.
These differences concerning Ambien and Lunesta may not seem like much, but they can greatly impact which one you end up using to help with your sleeping problem. So consider carefully and make sure you pick the one that is best for you.

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