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Adderall vs Vyvanse

ADHD is a serious condition where a person struggles to maintain their attention or is very hyperactive during certain times. The severity of the condition and how an individual acts because of it varies from person to person. There are treatments though. These treatments include behavioral therapy, but the primary options used are prescription medications. Two of the more widely known options are Adderall and Vyvanse. These two medications treat ADHD, but are there any distinct differences between the two of them. And why would it be important for a potential user to know if there was?

Well let’s look at the last question. The primary things people would be concerned about are as follows:

The possibility that one medication might pose more of a health risk to them than the other, meaning that the potential for side effects is higher

Both Adderall and Vyvanse come with the potential for side effects, but it hasn’t been shown to be more severe with one or the other. Only a doctor would be able to determine if a user was more at risk for side effects using one or the other and this would likely result from sensitivities concerning different ingredients in them or interactions with medications a user is already taking.

The idea that one medication might simply work better for their condition than the other and therefore less of it was needed

Adderall and Vyvanse have both been rigorously tested in order to ensure they’re effective, but this doesn’t mean that one or the other would be more effective in a particular case. Different people with ADHD are just going to have different degrees of the condition. Certain aspects of the condition might be treated better than other aspects, but it’s going to depend.

An individual symptom of ADHD being treated more effectively using one of these or the other is certainly a possibility. That’s why taking Adderall and Vyvanse under the close monitoring of a doctor is so important, because they can take note of how a person is responding. They might determine that a certain aspect of a patient’s ADHD being treated better is very important than the other elements of the condition.

If this sounds confusing, then think of it like this. If someone has to choose between 5 different grocery only one, which one would they choose? It would likely be the one that was the most important out of all of them right? The others might not be as essential. It’s the same way with ADHD. If one of these drugs works to treat the most severe problem caused by the condition, then of course this would be preferred as long as there were no increased side effects.

The idea that one drug is going to be more expensive than the other and as a result harder to afford long term

Adderall would win out in this case only because the drug has different generic options available on the market right now. Vyvanse doesn’t have a generic version out at the moment and can only be found in brand name form.

Users who truly felt like one is better than the other would need to consider close monitoring by a doctor who was open to the idea of testing them out on a short trial for each.

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